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Saturday, 5 February 2000

UFOs over Maiden Castle

An ancient castle sited in a Dorset town is a magnet for spacecraft from another planet. That is the finding of a Dorchester-based UFO investigator who recorded 130 other reports of strange activity in the county's skies last year - 32 of, which remain unexplained. But it is Maiden Castle, which seems to come in for most attention with a catalogue of reports of unexplained sightings over the years. A large earthwork construction of banks and ditches in an area that has also experienced crop circles. Dorset UFO investigator David Kingston of Martinstown said: "The castle seems to attract these craft. I have checked back into the history of the castle and uncovered many strange reports. Many people have also described seeing colored lights and with no explanation. The size of some of these craft is about 80 feet in diameter." David thinks the craft could be sent from other planets to check out earth on unmanned probes. He said: "That is what ours do with Mars and so this could happen with other planets. In the future we should be able to find out." David, aged 61, is a retired RAF worker and is now a full-time UFO investigator. He said: "There are definitely craft which cannot be explained and are from another planet. Having been in the RAF I know the distances aircraft should fly over populated areas. These are different. "We had sightings about two years ago of a triangular craft 100 foot above the Puddletown bypass. We also have video footage of craft seen over the Ridgeway and NASA has analyzed it.

Source: Western Gazette, 5th February 2000.
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