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Monday, 10 June 2002

Folk dancing in the streets

BLACK and green faces replaced those painted red and white for the World Cup in Wimborne's streets as the 22nd three-day folk festival swung into action.

Old favourites like Spank the Planks and Quayside Cloggies provided some of the street dancing. And bands with names like Hoover the Dog, Dangerous Curves, Pronghorn and Mahogany Gaspipes got down to serious music in the pubs.

Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo Monday 10th Jun 2002

Saturday, 1 June 2002

Dorset Life Review of Dark Dorset Tales of Mystery, Wonder and Terror

A new book, Dark Dorset, is sub-titled ‘Tales of Mystery, Wonder and Terror’ If you are a dyed-in-the-wool cynic, it is not for you, but if you believe that ‘there are more things in heaven and earth…’. then you will enjoy this round-up of hauntings, legends and folklore. Most of the old favorites are here - the Posy Tree, Bettiscombe’s screaming skull, the Hellstone near Portesham - but there are also interesting pieces on the demons who are led over Eggardon Hill by Diana the Moon Goddess, collecting the spirits of the dead, and on the fairies of Hod Hill who supposedly ring the bells of Stourpaine church. It would have been more interesting still if it had explored the links and patterns within Dorset folklore.

Source: Dorset Life, June 2002

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