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Monday, 7 October 2002

Weird Weather in Britain

Weather can behave in some very strange ways, baffling not only the public but the experts.

Raining coal, avalanches, giant hailstones and tornadoes are just some of the weird weather experiences to have hit southern England over the last century.

We look at southern England's oddest meteorological moments ..

Stormy Weather

The great storm of 1958 in Sussex produced the biggest ever hailstones experienced in Britain. Stones the size of cricket balls fell on local people.

There were also nearly 2,000 flashes of lightning in just one hour.

During the storm of June 1983 in Dorset, coke and coal fell out of the sky onto the hapless yachtsmen out for a pleasant day's sailing in Poole harbour.

And the small unremarkable village of Martinstown in Dorset also has its claim to fame.

One day in July 1955 the tourists got a lot more than they had bargained for when the village experienced the heaviest ever rainfall to fall in one day in Britain.

Source: BBC Inside Out - South: Monday 7th October, 2002

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