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Friday, 28 February 2003

They're coming!

Shocked David Kingston was flooded with bookings for an unexplained mysteries conference in Dorchester after the success of a Stephen Spielberg UFO drama.

He claimed fans were coming from the United States, Israel, France, Holland and Italy for the one-day event at the Corn Exchange on April 6.

Source: Dorset Echo Friday 28th Feb 2003

Sunday, 23 February 2003

A ghost at the window

Is there a ghostly figure outside the window in the photograph or isn't there? Some people reckon they can see it, others are sceptical.

Christopher Grist took this photograph through a window of one of the derelict cottages at the lost village of Tyneham, without noticing anything untoward.

He didn't give it another thought until the film was developed some time later when his partner asked if he had played with the image on a computer.

He hadn't, but spotted immediately what she was talking about.

Now Christopher is putting out an unusual Snapshots of the Past appeal.

He is wondering whether anyone else has heard of any ghostly experiences at Tyneham, the Purbeck village that was taken over by the Army during the war but never returned to the villagers.

Or if there was any event at the village that was evacuated in December 1943 that might give rise to such a sighting.

"I'm sceptical myself," he said, "but there's definitely something there."

Christopher, who lives in Bournemouth and is trained as a vehicle technician, can see in the photo, through the window, between the trees, the image of a man.

Many others reckon they can see the shape, too. Others, however, see nothing at all.

"It's a bit unnerving," he said. "It looks like a man in a greatcoat with a flat cap on. Could it be a soldier?"

Others who can make out a shape reckon the figure might be wearing a helmet.

Is it a trick of the light or a pattern of twigs?

Christopher took another photograph of the wood through the window just a few seconds before taking his spooky snap.

On that one there was no weird shadow.

And he has been back to check if there is any foliage or anything else suggesting the eerie shape.

There wasn't, he said.

Source: by Ed Perkins, Bournemouth Daily Echo Tuesday 25 February 2003 (link broken)
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