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Tuesday, 1 November 2005


The Tank Museum is to host professional paranormal researchers after years of spooky goings on in the museum galleries - and they are looking for recruits to join in their investigations.

Paranormal Tours, a company specialising in ghost hunting events are to give delegates an opportunity to test their own ghost busting and psychic abilities in an all night vigil.

Museum spokesman Nik Wyness said; "Over the years, stories have circulated of unusual goings on inside The Museum; with sightings of ghostly figures, mysterious footsteps, and tales of staff reporting an uncomfortable feeling of being watched. So to some, the idea that The Museum may be haunted is not an unusual one at all."

One enduring ghost story features an apparition of a grey figure believed to be that of a German officer, who is said to wander the Museum floor at night. Sightings became so frequent that the figure has become affectionately known as `Herman The German'.

Former staff have since claimed that Herman was an invention designed to keep mischievous children away from The Museum at night. But this doesn't explain the continued and distinctive sightings of a ghostly German officer inside the museum.

Nik added; "The museum is full of machines that were designed for war and have witnessed some of the most distressing and testing human experiences that it is possible to imagine.

"Each one has a story, and so many carry the visible scars of battle that we can only speculate on the fate of their occupants.

"That is the reality of any Museum that features the weapons and machines of war"," said Nik.

The investigation, which takes place on the night of Saturday 19th March starting at 7pm, features unique overnight access to The Museum with a workshop and demonstration of ghost hunting tools including; Clairvoyance, Mediumship, and the physical equipment to be used throughout the night.

If you would like to take part in ghost hunting at The Tank Museum, please call Paranormal Tours on 0871 288 4026, or visit their website.

News Release issued: 1st November 2005

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