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Monday, 2 April 2007

Mystery Cats in Dorset - Do big cats really live wild in the Dorset countryside? Zoologist Chris Moiser reveals all in new publication

What are we to make of claims that big cats have been sighted on the fields and heathlands of Dorset? If there are such animals wild in Dorset, where do they come from and how do they survive? Chris Moiser is a professional zoologist who has taught the subject for over twenty years. He has studied big cats extensively and has participated in expeditions to Africa on a number of occasions. His interest in big cats sightings in Britain started in 1995 when he was called in to examine some footprints in a bunker at a local golf course. Although initially sceptical about some sightings, over the years he has interviewed many witnesses and examined a number of livestock kills and is now a firm believer in the existence of a number of alien predator species being present in Britain.

Mystery Cats in Dorset by Chris Moiser - Published by Inspiring Places Publishing

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