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Thursday, 31 May 2007

UFOs spotted over Dorset

Captain Kirk is make-believe, but are we being visited by real space travellers? Unidentified lights were sighted in the sky by many people in Bournemouth on Thursday night. They seemed to move in formation for about 40 minutes.

Source: BBC South Today News

Monday, 28 May 2007

We believe in aliens, say Echo readers

Aliens visit us here on Earth - say Echo readers.

A weekend webpoll attracted nearly 700 people and 64 per cent of then believe we get visitors from other planets.

The poll was in response to a suspected UFO sighting over Bournemouth on Thursday night, which turned out to be graduating students releasing Chinese lanterns.

Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo Monday 28th May 2007

Saturday, 26 May 2007

UFOs? Er no, just high spirits

Alien communications? UFOs? Top secret military activity? The Echo has been flooded with theories about the mysterious lights over Bournemouth on Thursday night.

But now we can exclusively reveal they were nothing more than Asian-style sky lanterns, released by students celebrating the end of their courses.

Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo Saturday 26th May 2007

Friday, 25 May 2007


It was like a scene from the movie Close Encounters, according to at least one eye-witness.

Orange lights dancing in the night sky moved in formation, coming and going in waves.

Numerous reports were phoned and emailed into the Echo of strange events in the sky at around 10pm last night.

Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo Friday 25th May 2007

UFOs over Charminster

UFO sightings or a perfectly reasonable explanation? Tina Pope sent her footage to the Bournemouth Daily Echo of the lights over Charminster.

READ MORE - Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo 25th May 2007

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Popular pub has ceased trading

A pub believed to be home to the 200-year-old ghost of a Portuguese sailor has gone into administration.

Source: Dorset Echo Tuesday 15th May 2007

Monday, 14 May 2007


Aliens appear to have arrived in Bournemouth in May 2007. Watch eyewitness footage of mysterious lights over Charminster, by clicking the link below.

READ MORE - Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo 14th May 2007

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Where has this Dorset flag sprung from? Is it correct?

Cornwall has one, Devon has one, Somerset has one - and now Dorset seems to have one on the Keep Military Museum, a flag that is.

For as long as I can remember - I've never seen a flag for Dorset.

We're all probably familiar with the St Pirin flag of Cornwall - black with a white cross and - some of us will have seen the newly created Devon flag (green with a white cross).

So I was a little amazed to suddenly see several online shops selling a so-called Dorset' flag.

It appears to be white with three red lions in heraldic style similar to the Dorset County Council seal.

Can this be right? Are their any vexillologists out there who can confirm this correct for Dorset?

David White, Durnover Court, Dorchester.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo Wednesday 2nd May 2007

Source: www.flagfordorset.org.uk
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