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Friday, 27 July 2007

This legislation needs changing

Colin Lodge in his letter Are we dancing the wrong dance' (Echo, June 21) states he is member of Wessex Morris and that some mummers plays have dancing performed within their theatrical plots and that this is equally as ancient tradition as morris.

Source: Dorset Echo Wednesday 27th June 2007

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Homer sets up a 'quickie mart' in Cerne Abbas

Dorset's famous Cerne Abbas giant has a new rival in the form of loud-mouthed, doughnut-loving Homer Simpson.

TV's most famous cartoon dad has been painted on the hillside next to the giant to celebrate the launch of the Simpsons Movie.

Source: Dorset Echo Tuesday 17th Jul 2007

Monday, 16 July 2007

Wish for rain to wash away Homer

Pagans have pledged to perform "rain magic" to wash away a cartoon character painted next to their famous fertility symbol - the Cerne Abbas giant.

A doughnut-brandishing Homer Simpson was painted next to the giant on the hill above Cerne Abbas, Dorset, to promote the new Simpsons film.

Source: BBC New Monday, 16 July 2007

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Author takes on Harry Potter

West Dorset author Kit Berry has taken on the tough world of publishing and beaten it at its own game.

Kit Berry, a former teacher, started writing her Stonewylde series after work. She set up her own publishing company, even remortgaged her house to get her work read - now the Americans want it and academics and authors are praising it.

Like Thomas Hardy, she has drawn on real Dorset places and customs to create the series - and thanks to the word of mouth power of the internet she's quietly taking the country by storm.

She will be at The Bookshop in Bridport for a book signing on July 14 from 10am to noon.

Source: Dorset Echo Tuesday 10th Jul 2007

Friday, 6 July 2007

Big cat sightings appeal

Livestock keepers across Dorset are being asked to take part in an online survey to see whether or not they believe in the existence of wild big cats.

Source: Dorset Echo Friday 6th Jul 2007

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Headstone for Ripper-hunt officer

A Scotland Yard detective who led the police hunt for Jack the Ripper is to have his grave marked with a headstone 78 years after his death.

Det Insp Frederick Abberline, who was born in Blandford Forum, retired to Bournemouth, Dorset and was buried in an unmarked grave there in 1929.

Source: BBC News Wednesday, 4 July 2007

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