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Monday, 7 January 2008

Was 'Jelly Fish' like UFO a microlight?

The recent sighting of a over the skies over Weymouth (see Mysterious Orange 'Jelly Fish' is reported in skies above Weymouth Harbour) may have a possible explanation.

Printed in todays Dorset Echo is the following article

"A UFO seen above Weymouth Bay could have been a microlight.

Four people were standing outside the Hotel Prince Regent on the
Esplanade when they saw the baffling phenomena. Now retired drayman Joe Bevis, 78, of Horsford Street, Weymouth, thinks he may have the answer.

He said: "It was one of those microlights.

"I was sitting in the Nothe Tavern having a meal. We were right at the
back of restaurant, almost outside, and we watched it go right across.

"It was all lit up and had some sort of illumination.

"We said something like, I bet he's colder than we are and forgot all about it,but now I've read the Echo article about a UFO shaped like a jellyfish I think that might be it."

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