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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Have you seen a big cat? History Channel in Search of British Big Cats

The History Channel will be in search for evidence of British Big Cats as part of their 'Monster Quest' series, and will be filming at the end of March, beginning of April.

The search is on for the evidence, video footage, casts, photographs recordings, eye-witness accounts.

Have you seen a big cat in the British countryside, more importantly have you any evidence?

A search for a suitable location, on land with frequent sightings is also being sought for two nights filming. Big Cats in Britain press release.

Can you help. Big cats are reported everyday from somewhere in Britain, yet the hard evidence to support these black cats is virtually non-existent. People are obviously seeing something, but what. Can you help clear up the mystery?

Mark Fraser is collating the evidence, please contact him on 07940 016972, or email at bigcatsinbritain@btinternet.com or visit the website at www.bigcatsinbritain.org

Big Cats in Britain (BCIB) is the only group in Britain dedicated on a daily basis to finding out the answers to the big cat mystery. We have a core of experts that we can call upon, including scientists, zoologists, professional trackers, and police officers.

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