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Saturday, 9 August 2008

On this day, in 1977 - Falls from the sky in Poole

On this day, 9th August 1977, the Daily Express reported, that on 8th August 1977, a shower of rain fell at Poole, which developed into an unusual cocktail of falling hay and grass clumps with roots and soil. According to witness John Kay, who was holidaying with his family at Rockly Sands caravan site. “ I am not crazy. It did happen. Grass fell on me! There had been a shower of rain… Then suddenly it began to rain grass. There was a large rain-cloud about 1000ft above us and it was coming from that.” said Mr. Kay.

Extract taken from 'Dark Dorset Tales of Mystery, Wonder and Terror' by Robert J. Newland and Mark J. North.

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