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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wild thing? - Roaring Dorset! Encounters with Big Cats by Merrily Harpur

IT'S more than 150 years since the first recorded sighting of a big cat in Dorset. Still, the possibility of large feline beasts continues to intrigue us and every few months a sighting prompts another cat flap as enthusiasts take to the trailways in search of a puma-like creature, or a panther hybrid.

Then again, maybe it's an outsize lynx, a very big badger, or a supernatural sighting?

The theories are almost as numerous as the sightings and a compelling new book manages to round up some enticing explanations, as well as providing a gazetteer of sightings and encounters with Anomalous Big Cats (ABCs) over the past decade or so.

Roaring Dorset! (Roving Press, £4.99) is published on September 1 with a public launch at the Dorset County Show the following Saturday where author and big cat enthusiast Merrily Harpur, from Cattistock, will be signing copies.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo Wednesday 20th August 2008

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