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Monday, 1 September 2008

2008 Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries

On Sunday October 5th at Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset. The 5th Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries will be held. Bringing together those seeking deeper truths about our ancient spiritual heritage

Six illustrated presentations – still great value at only £20 in advance (£25 on door – if any seats are left). Speakers include:-

Nicholas R Mann & Philippa Glasson - The Star Temple of Avalon: Glastonbury’s Ancient Observatory Revealed. Based on their new book about Glastonbury’s astro’ alignments, & the connection with cosmic alignments and 2012.

Peter KnightThe Wessex Astrum: Sacred Geometry in a Mystical Landscape. Based on the sensational new book by Peter Knight & Toni Perrott. A landscape hexagram/hexagon has been revealed in Wessex, involving Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury & other sacred sites, such as sacred hills & Templar locations.

Toni PerrottLondon Dragon Paths (Part 2) - Earth Energy Serpents. Toni returns give us Part 2 of her research based on her new book on London’s sacred sites and earth energies.

Hugh Newman - Planetary Grids. Hugh has two books out about planetary grids, global energy currents and DNA.

Shaun KirwanGeomancy and Interaction with the Landscape. Shaun is a dowser, geomancer & stone circle builder.

Jonathan HarwoodThe Golden Fish: Sacred Geometry in the Dorset Landscape. For many years Jonathan has researched the existence of several pentagrams and hexagrams on the landscape, defined by the positioning of churches and ancient sites, and which share a common unit of measurement.

Plus a lunchtime showing of the video Standing With Stones, by Robert Soskin and Michael Bott.

10.00am – 6.30pm. At our beautiful venue at Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset. There will be interesting stalls, including book signings by speakers. Earlier start and finish this year. Vegetarian refreshments will be available. Village stores and pub opposite. Venue has ramps, lift, disabled toilet and free parking. Dorchester has good road and rail links. Limited seating – we were almost full last year - advance booking advised!

Only £20 in advance (£25 on door – only if seats are available).

Booking hotline and enquiries: 01258 489798

e-mail: stoneseeker@waitrose.com

Event bookings/book orders to:-

Mr. P Knight,
1 Downend Farm,
Bushes Rd,
DT11 8SY

Deposits accepted by arrangement. Cheques payable to P. Knight.

Website: www.stoneseeker.net

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