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Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Search is on for The Bard of Dorset.

Back in 2006 members of the Dorset Community began talk of establishing a Bardic Chair for the County of Dorset.

There was a lot of talk and a lot more Uming & Ahring of how this could possibly be achieved where by the entire community could be involved, eventually a Committee was formed and a plan was put into action. The official announcement of the Dorset Flag would be followed by the Search to find and establish a Bard for Dorset.

Having the support and recognition of featured members of the Dorset Community of local Council and Wessex folk festival organisers Mike McDade, Dr Thomas Daffern of the Order of Peace Poets & Bards. And the support and recognition of the Council of British Druid Orders. Plus many members of the community. Dorset and its County Town will at last have its official Bard to occupy the Chair, adding to the prestige and acknowledgement of Dorset Heritage.

For more information and news of this event visit www.bardic-chair-of-dorset.co.uk

Supported by The Dorchester Arts Center 23rd January 2009 Wessex Folk Festival. Alistair Chisholm Dorchester Town Crier IIPSGP ( Dr Thomas Daffern of The Peace Poets Society) Dorchester Cycles Rope Makers of Briport Mason & Mariners,Portland, Clifton Hotel.

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