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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Gothic mystery based at Corfe Castle

Avant-Garde French musician Margaux has taken Corfe Castle as her latest inspiration.

Spookydubois at Corfe Castle is a gothic mystery with almost filmic qualities that flies between Dorset’s premier ruin and the south of France.

It is a supernatural tale which, when finished, will be in three parts – Spookydubois at Corfe Castle, The Miracle Cross and The Battle of the World. Set in 1650, the world is under threat from the Dark Lord Matravers and his force of Parliamentarians who have wrongly taken over from the king. The heroine, Spookydubois, awakes during a lunar eclipse and is told by the Wiseman Peter of Pomfret that she must run to Corfe’s clock tower in order to climb it and save the world.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo Thursday 20th November 2008

THE STORYLINE of Spookydubois At Corfe Castle (Part I) :
Corfe Castle, Dorset England 1650 AD. A lunar eclipse lifts a curse to awaken heroine Spookydubois suffering from amnesia causing the unrightful ruling tyrant, 'Dark Lord' Maltravers to disperse malicious Parliamentarian troops to try and prevent her from reaching the village clock tower !

After escaping and scaling the tower walls critically Spookydubois manages to reverse the clock hands and grab the 'Miracle Cross' during the total eclipse; this sends her and the troops back in time through a whirlwind of raining caterpillars to an Underground Cathedral in Southern France.

A dangerous epic quest follows and guided by the 'Blind Raven' and butterfly messengers she embarks on a trail of clues in search of her destiny...

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