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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Here Be Dragons by Michael A. Hodges

Here Be Dragons by Michael A. Hodges examines the history of dragons, the different types and the cultural differences, while trying to determine the idea of what is a dragon in different times and places.

The book relates stories of saints battling with dragons and deals with English folklore about them, concentrating on Wessex in particular, and especially the Christchurch area. There are many dragon carvings in Christchurch Priory.

Ley lines, which can also be known as ‘dragon lines', as dragons are supposed to fly in straight lines, are straight line alignments which pass over ancient sites and horizon features. This book also identifies some local ley lines and these are shown in full in the appendices. Ley lines probably originated as Neolithic farming calendars and remained in use for generations. Such alignments exist all over Great Britain and overseas, wherever the first farmers needed calendars at a time before people could read and write.

The book is priced at £7.95 and is published by Natula Publications also available at amazon.co.uk

For further reading about Dragons look no further than this excellent publication 'Dragons - More than a Myth?' by Richard Freeman, cryptozoologist, author, explorer, adventurer, and Zoological Director of the world’s largest mystery animal research organisation 'The Centre for Fortean Zoology'. Richard follows this mysteries creature right across the globe, from prehistory to the present day. He tracks it from the steamy jungles of the Congo, to the desolate lakes of eastern Siberia. The dragon rears its scaly head in every culture on Earth; from the Indians to the Australian Aborigines, and from the Vikings to the Pygmies. The inescapable conclusion is that there are very real beasts at the core of these fantastic stories. The dragon has its teeth and claws deep into the collective psyche of mankind, and it’s not about to let go. Our most ancient fear still stalks the earth today. Beware. This is no fairytale! When your parents told you that there were no such things as dragons, they lied! With illustrations by Mark North, (co-author of Dark Dorset Tales of Mystery Wonder and Terror) - this is truly a fascinating insight into the world of Dragons.

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