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Friday, 26 December 2008

Disappearing coast presents dilemma

It's a bright sunny day in Studland, Dorset. The wind catches the sand and whips it through the dunes and grasses. Helped by the tides, as each grain moves the shoreline slowly but inevitably shifts.

Emma Wright has worked for the National Trust at Studland for the past seven years.

As we walked along the beach she explained she had become used to seeing areas of the beach swept away.

In November it took just one storm for the sea to reclaim 15 metres of the beach.

Emma showed me red and white hazard tape flapping next to some wooden posts - these were all that remained of the wooden steps once used to access the car park.

"It's just the vegetation left which is holding the dune together and you can see it cracking all the way through.

"That will be just another chunk of dune grass to fall off into the sea with the next storm", she says.

READ MORE - Source: BBC News Friday, 26 December 2008

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