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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Big Cats are they prowling in Dorset?

Mark Burrows goes on the trail of the big cats of Dorset in this months Dorset Life magazine, full article by clicking the link below:
‘I am absolutely a hundred per cent sure that what I saw was a panther,’ insisted eyewitness Mark Dawson of the animal he spotted near Dorchester football club in August 2007. Like others who claim to have recently spotted a similar beast in the Dorchester vicinity, he was convinced it was not a dog. Other details, including the lengthy tail and the general posture, provide some substance to Mr Dawson’s perception.

Sightings of felid phantasms stalking Great Britain have surged since the mid 1970s. Dorset, if not as prolific as Devon and Cornwall, has had more than enough to attract the interest of committed trackers of Alien Big Cats, as they are often termed, including the police. According to their wildlife officer, PC John Snellin, ABC sightings in Dorset average around 30 per year.
READ MORE - Source: Dorset Life February 2009 Issue

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