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Friday, 24 April 2009

OBITUARY - John Michell (1933 - 2009)

We have been informed that author John Michell, passed away this morning at 12:30am from cancer. Michell died at Poole, Dorset, 24th April, 2009.

Michell was best known for his books on earth mysteries, metrology, ley lines, sacred geometry, sacred sites, geomancy, gematria, archaeoastronomy, and Fortean phenomena, and also published writings on Plato, euphonics, simulacra, the lives and works of eccentrics such as Comyns Beaumont, Julius Evola, eccentric behaviour such as trepanning, and the Shakespeare authorship question. The latest issue of Fortean Times issue 249 gives a retrospective of his works and writings.

I was fortunate to meet John in March 2006 at the Big Cat Conference held at The Sun Inn Hotel, Marston Trussell, Northamptonshire, organised by Heart of Albion Books to launch Merrily Harpur's 'Mystery Big Cats'.

(Below: John Michell discussing the philosophy of Charles Fort at the "1998 FortFest")

Michell was educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge. He then worked for a while as an estate agent in London,before seeing his first book published in 1967. His writings influenced the development of the counter-culture. Gary Lachman states that Michell's book View Over Atlantis (1969) "put Glastonbury on the countercultural map" and Ronald Hutton describes it as "almost the founding document of the modern earth mysteries movement".By the late 1960s Michell was closely associated with members of the Rolling Stones. At this time Michell took the view that "an imminent revelation of literally inconceivable scope" was at hand, and that the appearance of UFOs was linked to "the start of a new phase in our history".

In the 1980s, Michell was a member of the Lindisfarne Association and a teacher at its School of Sacred Architecture. He lectured at the Kairos Foundation, an "educational charity specifically founded to promote the recovery of traditional values in the Arts and Sciences",and also lectured at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts.

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