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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Railway Walks: Ep. 5 - Harbouring History on BBC IPlayer

Shown on BBC Two, 8:00pm Monday 6th April 2009 - Julia Bradbury has her backpack on again and is out exploring the great outdoors. But in this series, all of Julia's walks follow the old tracks, the overgrown cuttings and the ancient viaducts of Britain's lost rail empire.
Railway Walks visits disused lines across England, Scotland and Wales. Through stunning landscapes and urban backstreets, each contrasting walk has a unique story to tell, offering Julia a window into industrial Britain and how the rise and fall of the railways has altered lives and localities across the country.

The backstreets of Weymouth seem an unlikely spot to explore railway history, but Julia discovers there was once a short railway that ran south from Weymouth and across the unique coastal features of Chesil Beach and Portland. The walk is the ideal platform for learning about the history of Portland Harbour and the tied isle's most famous export, Portland stone.

If you missed it, here is a chance to see it again on BBC IPLAYER

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