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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Minster town enjoys feast of folk!

Hit me with your rhythm stick could have been the theme song for the 29th Wimborne Folk Festival as hundreds of bell-jingling, stick-bashing morris dancers filled the streets.

Around every corner, shady or in the full burning sun, there were gatherings of musicians and brightly-clad people ready to break into a dance at the drop of a hat.

Speaking of hats, there were some pretty interesting specimens to be found, mostly on the heads of male morris dancers.

“They’re a fertility symbol,” said one breathless dancer.

For a time yesterday afternoon, there were four morris sides dancing in unison in the Square: Wicket Brood from Bricket Wood, Herts; Foxes Morris from Worcestershire; Powder Keg from Derbyshire; and Exmoor Border Morris. They danced the Worcestershire Monkey followed by Just as the Tide was Aflowing With a combined roar and a hefty clash of sticks they got the crowd going and earned a solid round of applause.

Read More: Source Daily Bournemouth Echo Sunday 14th June 2009

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