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Friday, 12 June 2009

New Pictures: Archaeologists uncover unique burial pit

Archaeologists working on the Weymouth Relief Road have discovered a burial pit of dismembered skeletons thought to date between late Iron Age to early Roman times.

The extraordinary burial site was uncovered on Ridgeway Hill.

Oxford Archaeology project manager David Score said: “We have counted 45 skulls so far, these are in one section of the pit, and several torsos and leg bones in separate sections of the pit.

“It is rare to find a burial site like this one. There are lots of different types of burial where skeletons may be aligned along a compass axis or in a crouched position, but to find something like this is just incredible.

“We’re still working on carefully recording and recovering all of the skeletons, which will be taken back to our offices in Oxford for detailed analysis, and trying to piece together the extraordinary story behind these remains.

More pictures via the link below

READ MORE - Source: Oxford Archaeology

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