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Friday, 17 July 2009

Ghostbuster Flo rids family's haunted house of evil spirits

Ghostbusting may not be a typical pensioner's pastime, but for Flo Essex it is all in a day's work.

Mrs Essex, aged 77, was called in by a concerned family who believed a teenage prank had brought evil spirits to their Gillingham home.

Dawn Howell of Maple Way, became worried after her daughter Sammy, aged 19, and friend Dan Hunt, 18, took a oiuja board to Wardour Castle when they visited the Wiltshire ruin with friends two weeks ago. Mr Hunt, an engineering student, explained what happened: "We were interested in ghosts and things like that so we went down to the castle with the ouija board and a camera. We were ghost hunting, I suppose. We thought it was all a joke but suddenly we heard this noise like footsteps on gravel and it got really, really cold.

"We just ran off, got in the car and left, but I'm sure there was something there."

He later found that scratches and sore, red welts had mysteriously appeared on his back and said he felt ill and uneasy for days afterwards.

Mrs Howell was convinced the house was haunted and called in Mrs Essex.

Mrs Essex and husband Jim, aged 83, who hail from Yeovil and are both devout Christians, visited the house on Friday to perform an exorcism. Mrs Essex, who says she has been psychic since childhood, sensed something was awry immediately. Over a cup of tea, she sensed that a spirit had followed the teenagers back from the castle and was inhabiting the house.

She told the family: "When I came in here, I felt someone here. There is someone in here now but don't worry it is nothing that is going to hurt us. You are lucky, it could have been much worse."

She explained that the spirit of a rabbi had come to warn the teenagers about the dangers of playing with the occult.

She said: "He is wearing dark clothes and a top hat and he has got a big, iron grey beard. He has come to tell you to be careful."

After another spirit had made itself know, this one an elderly man wearing a skullcap, Mrs Essex banished them from the house by making the sign of the cross with her silver crucifix throughout the house and saying prayers.

She added: "I have told them that they don't need to come here anymore and they should go towards the light. Their work here is done."

For Mr Hunt, the exorcism was a relief. He said: "I feel sick but I am pleased it is over. I won't be playing with the ouija board again for a while."

Mr and Mrs Essex are well known in Somerset for raising over £50,000 for Yeovil District Hospital in recent years.

Mrs Howell was grateful for the charity of the spiritual healer. She said: "That heaviness has gone, I feel much better and safer now."

Source: Western Gazette Friday, July 17, 2009

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