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Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Book! - The Spirit of Portland: Revelations of a Sacred Isle

Today the Isle of Portland in Dorset has a reputation for its stone quarrying and naval heritage, but behind this lies an island steeped in myth and legend. Why was it so important and strategic throughout Britain’s history? Does Portland hold the key to an ancient Masonic secret? Was it a major centre of the Druids? Are the island families descended from Phoenicians and Jutes? This fascinating book explores the island’s mysteries, its sacred geology and geometry, its ley lines, holy wells, and a giant figure formed from roads and footpaths within its landscape. The use of local traditions and archaeology helps to reveal Portland’s special importance to our ancient ancestors, who built a staggering number of stone circles, standing stones and burial mounds. Discover these places and artefacts for yourself with walks that highlight Portland’s hidden treasures and their significance – with surprises for both locals and visitors.

Local author Gary Biltcliffe has spent 30 years researching and investigating earth mysteries, ancient civilisations and lost knowledge around the world. In this book he makes illuminating and ground-breaking discoveries. Quarrying and development may be rapidly changing the face of Portland, but this book captures its essence.

Find out more about Gary's work and discoveries at www.belinusline.com

The Spirit of Portland: Revelations of a Sacred Isle is available from Amazon and also from the publishers Roving Press at £9.95

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