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Sunday, 5 July 2009

When the Romans came to Poole

The Roman invasion of England, which in Dorset began in Poole Harbour, has been brought to life in a new open-air play. It's been put together and performed by locals and tells an often brutal story of conquest and domination.

The time of the Romans' arrival in Poole is the subject of a new open air theatre production, exploring the effects the all-conquering Roman armies had on the Celts based in the harbour town and beyond - and how the Romans' arrival changed the county forever.

The play, called The Lost Quay IV - Terra Roma, explores how the brutal and murderous Roman armies had landed in Poole, due to its status as a thriving port, to begin its invasion of the area.

Taking charge is a new Roman army commander called Valerian, as he encounters local people willing to sacrifice everything to fight off their new invaders, while others would prefer to work for peace.

It's the latest in the Lost Quay series from the Fladermouse Productions company, a theatre group using street performances to bring specific eras of Dorset history to life. 2008's Lost Quay III revisited life in Poole during World War II, using real locations in the town to help tell the story.

Read More: Source - BBC 5th July 2009

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