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Friday, 11 December 2009

New Book!: Preorder The Centre for Fortean Zoology 2010 Yearbook

The Centre for Fortean Zoology 2010 Yearbook is in production now. It will be published on New Year's Day and the contents include:
  • Jon Downes: Killarney lake monster 2009
  • Dale Drinnon: Revised checklist of cryptozoological creatures
  • Richard Muirhead: Freshwater seahorse of Lake Titicaca
  • Neil Arnold: Monsters of Scooby doo
  • Dave Francazio: Steller’s sea ape
  • Adam Davies: The abominable snowman adventure
  • Richard Muirhead: Flying snakes
  • Neil Arnold: River Medway monsters
  • Dr Karl Shuker: Red eye glow in black dogs
  • Richard Freeman: Urban monsters


The 200pp+ volume also includes the annual reports from the CFZ, and the Australian and US branches.

It will be £12.50 (no price rise since 1995) plus postage and packing. However, if you pre-order here and pay using paypal at the special low price of a tenner, you will receive it - post free - in early January.

To Pre-Order by Paypal click here

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