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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dorset featured on ITV's 'Ade in Britain'

Today Ade Edmondson’s quest to find British traditions and food takes him to Dorset where he treats some Dorset Horn Sheep to a manicure and hair cut, gets to grips with the traditional skill of thatching, plants and harvests watercress and goes blueberry picking, before baking a Dorset Apple cake for a local taditional dance group the 'Bourne Bumpers Ladies Morris' who perform cotswold Morris and traditional Dorset stave dances

To watch episode in full visit ITV Player, Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Source: Ade in Britain: Episode 12 - Dorset, Aired: Tuesday 22nd November 2011 on ITV1

1 comment:

Flowerpot said...

Yes ! I love love love " Ade in Britain" ! What a brilliant , funny , so down to earth and lovable man he is !

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