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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Book: Souls, Spirits and Deities by Bob Thrubshaw

Souls, Spirits and Deities
by Bob Thrubshaw
Bob Thrubshaw of 'Heart of Albion' uploaded his latest publication as a FREE PDF download from his website.

Modern Western ideas about souls, spirits and deities are seemingly materialistic and rational. Yet, when looked at closely, these seemingly-secular ideas rather too clearly betray their origins in Christian doctrines. 

By looking closely at ethnographical parallels together with recent 'Dark Age' scholarship Bob Trubshaw starts to strip away these more recent ideas. This begins to reveal how pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons might have thought about the differences between souls and spirits – and the similarities of spirits and deities. 

Souls, spirits and deities develops some of the ideas about souls in Bob Trubshaw's recent book Singing Up the Country

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