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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Events: Meet the Local Authors Day 12th May 2012 at Imagine Books, Weymouth

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Following last year's great success, Imagine Books will be holding another 'Meet the Local Authors Day' this Saturday 12th May between  12.00pm - 4.00pm
This is an informal event, in Imagine Books shop, St Alban Street, Weymouth. Several of your favourite Local Authors will be here, with their books, so that you can have a chat with them, ask questions, and if you like, buy signed copies of their books. They will all be here at the same time, creating a pleasant social atmosphere.

The following Authors will be attending:
Julie Musk: Lesser Known Weymouth
In this book, Julie sets out to inform locals and visitors about what treasures are right on our doorsteps, but slightly hidden away. There are walks with questions at the back, so you can test yourself on your newly found knowledge!

Maureen Attwooll: Weymouth and Portland, Then Meets Now
(and countless other Local History publications over the years)
A beautiful big glossy publication, which has already proved a favourite with locals and anyone interested in the history of Weymouth and Portland. Full of colour maps and photographs, this book makes a fabulous present - even better if you can get your copy signed on the day!

Carol Hunt: The Portland Chronicles
The Best-selling series of Children's Books, The Portland Sea Dragon, Enchantment of The Black Dog, and Portland Pirates, still enthral children of all ages (9-90). Perhaps Carol will let slip something about the fourth book in the series (not yet published!)

David MacPherson: Defenders of Mai-Dun
Based on real facts and places, this story bring to life the Roman invasion of Dorset in AD43, and the struggle with the Celts. It follows the fortunes of a young orphan boy called Conn, who lives on Mai-Dun (Maiden Castle). Ideal holiday or weekend reading - especially if you are going for a walk around Maiden Castle, the Iron Age Hill Fort just this side of Dorchester

Jerry Bird: Ancient Stones on Old Postcards
Local folk musician and ex-bookseller, Jerry Bird has picked up the pen to compile this fascinating book, showing old postcards depicting standing stones, stone circles, and the like. It shows that the interest in monoliths is by no means new, and also, how they were in the past - which may not necessarily be how they are now! In Landscapes of Memory, Jerry delves further into the Folk Lore surrounding such stone circles and 'magical' landscapes.

Sarah-Jane Forder, author of Kids' Dorset
Beautifully illustrated, this little book provides much-needed inspiration about where to go and what to see when you have children in tow.

Rod Barzilay: Author and Editor of Spaceship Away, the New Dan Dare Official Magazine
All the surviving artists and writers of the Original Dan Dare stories in the Eagle have contributed to this new version of Dan Dare, and have passed their magic on to the new writers and artists. Come along and be transported into space, while Rod explains everything there is to know about Dan Dare's space ships - complete with a model on the Marco Polo, and detailed deck plans, as well as original artwork. Give yourself plenty of time!

Gary Biltcliffe: The Spirit of Portland
Why is an old church so near a cliff edge? What are those symbols on the buildings? What is a Slinger? Do stone masons have anything to do with The Masons? What was Portland like in ancient times? Well - there you go - and there's more - lots, lots more!

Robin Daglish: Weymouth Dawn
These poems stretch along the beautiful Dorset coastline from Jurassic fossil to modern Olympics.There is history and humour, tragedy and war: all the things that poetry was made for.

More information about this event and more visit www.imaginebookshops.com

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