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Friday, 10 August 2012

New Book: Creating the Paranormal by Bob Thrubshaw

Creating the Paranormal
by Bob Thrubshaw
Bob Thrubshaw of 'Heart of Albion' uploaded his latest publication as a FREE PDF download from his website.

Creating the Paranormal brings together recent cognitive science with the 'social uses' of the paranormal, especially the way in which encounters are retold. To all intents and purposes such narratives are how must of us are aware of the paranormal – and all of us create the meaning and significance of such stories.

Someone who 'believes in ghosts' as well as someone who sceptically dismisses them are equally imposing prior assumptions onto a diverse spectrum of anomalous experiences. In Creating the Paranormal Bob Trubshaw challenges every easy dismissal of anomalous phenomena and makes us question more deeply what it is we think was experienced. 

Other free downloadable titles include:

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