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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Events: New Year's Day Nurdling Tourney 2013

The Nurdlers
The Nurdlers will be out in force on New Year’s Day getting up to their extraordinary antics.

They’re gathering at the Old Ship Inn on Ridgeway, dustbin lids to the fore, dressed for the fray in a variety of somewhat strange garments ready to hurl the nurdle from 10:30am to 13:30pm

It’s noisy, energetic, unexpected and without rules one can easily decipher and by the time they’ve pounded to the top of the Ridgeway and back they’re ready for their good ale.

Potential Nurdlers and Droves seeking knowledge and wishing to participate should contact Albert The Tall at bill@beakerfolk.co.uk

Witnesses welcome, at their own risk.

For more information about this obscure sporting event visit Upwey Nurdler's Website


sandeep ubes said...

Had no idea Nurdling was real. Always thought it was something concocted by Rambling Sid Rumpo. I will be there, at the Old Ship. 10:30 sharp New Years Day.

Kathrine said...

It was good fun to watch! A bit different from what I usually do on new years. Almost geeky but would definitely like to see again this year.

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