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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Here be Dragons!!!

Morris Dancing
One of the oldest mythical creatures that have appeared in every culture around the world occurring in oral and written folk traditions are dragons.(see previous blog post The Year of the Dragon: Dragons and Wyverns of Dorset)

Now you can own a unique, personal, hand painted dragon one of a kind gift from the The Little Green Dragon Company.

Each painting is the Little Green Dragon character in a costume of your choosing with as much detail as you need that’s unique to you, your other half, friend, work mate, parent who ever. The Little Green Dragon fits anything from squash, basketball, tennis, snooker, kite surfer to solicitor, doctor, pilot, engineer, fisherman, trainspotter in fact he fits anything and what’s more it’s unique to you.

Each painting is about 20cm x 20cm hand painted in Gouache water colour and is available framed or unframed. Signed by local artist these also make great family heirlooms and are full of the persons character. You don’t have to be a dragon collector to enjoy The Little Green Dragon, we have been commissioned by rock stars, artists, actors through to surgeons, dustmen, cleaners in fact every and all backgrounds, sports, hobbies or pastimes there’s a Little Green Dragon to suit you exactly.

For the real not on the high street gift this season with a difference look no further than The Little Green Dragon!

For more information visit www.the-little-green-dragon.com   or find us on facebook www.facebook.com/littlegreendragon

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