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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New Book: Dorset History in 101 Objects by Terry Hearing

Dorset History in 101 Objects
by Terry Hearing
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This Book is an account of selected objects which illustrate the threads of the History of Dorset. Dorset is full of “objects”, and each one is a piece of History. The definition of the word ‘object’ has been taken very widely, from the tiny Mesolithic microliths to the strip fields of Portland.

Some of the objects are bizarre, such as the cannonball in the wall of a ladies’ lavatory in Weymouth; some are very beautiful, like the Tabernacle in Milton Abbey; some are huge, such as the prehistoric hillforts; some are mundane utilities, like roadside signposts; some are merely names like the list of the parish priests who died serving their flocks when the Black Death swept in. All have their stories, and this book looks at just one hundred and one, out of countless millions.

Each short chapter gives the flavour of the object to show its importance in the continuing story of a county rich in the remains of the lives of our predecessors. All the objects can be seen in the museums, the towns and the countryside of Dorset.

Anyone reading this book can visit them all and witness at first hand these tangible testaments to the sweep of the millennia across the county.

In this profusely illustrated large-format volume, Terry Hearing opens the lid of the immense treasure chest that is Dorset, revealing some of its brightest – and occasionally most unexpected – jewels that are almost bewildering in their variety.

For more information vist Halsgrove Publishing at www.halsgrove.com

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