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Saturday, 23 March 2013

News Clippings: Dorchester's mystery monkey-like creature

A selection of recent articles of a mystery monkey-like creature spotted in Dorchester on Thursday 21st March 2013.

  • Monkey on the loose in Dorchester town centre
A student claims to have seen a monkey on the loose in Dorchester. Terri Leigh Cox, 17, captured a photo of the mystery creature from her window in Fordington. She claims the ‘monkey’ scampered across Salisbury Fields and up a tree on Thursday afternoon.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo
  • Dorset of the Apes
Student snaps 'monkey' on loose in Dorchester park

 READ MORE - Source: The Sun Tuesday
  •  Student spots mystery 'primate' stalking though park
A mystery creature, which a student claims is a monkey, has been photographed in a public park.
READ MORE - Source: The Telegraph Tuesday 26th March 2013
  •  Gorilla in the midst... of Dorset: Mystery 'monkey-like' creature photographed in a park
Student Terri Leigh Cox saw mystery beast in a park near her home. She took a picture before it 'scampered up a tree' in Dorchester. The teenager believes it may have escaped from a nearby monkey attraction
 READ MORE - Source: The Daily Mail Tuesday 26th March 2013

  • Dorchester monkey photo: Mystery of 'escaped ape' photographed on the loose in playing field 
A teenager grabbed her phone and took the shot when she spotted the creature bounding around the playing fields on all fours
 READ MORE - Source: The Mirror Tuesday 26th March 2013
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