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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Events: Weird Weekend 2013, 16th - 18th August, #weirdweekend #cryptozoology

Worldwide weirdness is once again focusing on the small Devon village of Woolsery as the Centre for Fortean Zoology holds its 14th Weird Weekend. The Centre for Fortean Zoology, which investigates strange creatures all over the globe, has its annual conference from 16th -18th of August this year.

The conference, will see speakers from all over the country gathering Woolsery to discuss their work and discoveries. Now in its fourteenth year it is the largest convention of its kind.

Speakers announced so far: - 
  • Tony Whitehead: Starslime
  • Andrew Sanderson: Expedition to Russia in search of the Almasty - a possible surviving strain of Homo erectus
  • Richard Freeman: Sumatra 2013 Expedition in search of the orang-pendek
  • Judge Smith: (A founder member of the band Van der Graaf Generator) The Universe Next Door
  • Nick Wadham: Fairies
  • Sarah Boit: Orbs from a photographer's perspective
  • Lee Walker: Dead of Night - a collection of real-life horror stories from Liverpool
  • Glen Vaudrey: Mystery Animals of Staffordshire
  • James Newton: Bigfoot
  • Dr. Darren Naish: Adventures from the World of Tetrapod Zoology
  • Shaun Histed-Todd: Evidence for Civilisation X and Pre-Columbian Contact
  • Lars Thomas: 'The History of Trolls', and the 'Cryptozoology of Greenland'
  • Ronan Coghlan: The Church and Evolution
  • Richard Ingram: In Search for Inhabitable Planets
- More attractions will be announced soon...
As well as a series of talks there will be stalls, workshops and events.

The Weird Weekend raises funds for village charities dealing with children and for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, the only full time organisation in the world dedicated to the investigation of mystery animals.
The event runs from the 16th to the 18th of August, and tickets cost £25.00 for the whole weekend, or buy your tickets in advance at the special discount price £20.00

If you want to pay by cheque payable to `CFZ Trust` please send it to:
The Centre for Fortean Zoology, 
Myrtle Cottage,
North Devon, 
EX39 5QR 
For further details visit www.weirdweekend.org or ring 01237 431413
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