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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dorset's Weird and Wonderful Year of 2013

From Big Cats to a strange Monkey creature, Dragon skulls found on beaches to Haunted Houses. This 2013 has been a busy year for weird and wonderful news in Dorset.

Dark Dorset looks back with a selection of twelve stories taken from our blog scrapbook and facebook page.

JANUARY - Thursday 3rd January 2013
  • News Clipping: JRR Tolkien’s fireplace attracts £50k bid on eBay

A fireplace from the Poole home of Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien has attracted a £50,000 bid days after being listed on eBay.

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FEBRUARYFriday, 15th February 2013

  • News Clipping: History coming alive at Civil War re-enactment in Weymouth

History comes alive in Weymouth this weekend when musicians, historians, authors and re-enactment troops come together for a military festival.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo - Friday 15th 2013

MARCH - Tuesday, 26th March 2013
  • News Clipping: Dorchester monkey sighting makes national news

A Monkey-like creature sighting in Dorchester has made national headlines. As reported in Saturday’s Echo, student Terri Leigh Cox, 17, captured a photo of the mystery creature from her window in Fordington. She claimed the ‘monkey’ scampered across Salisbury Fields and up a tree on Thursday afternoon. The sighting has been reported in a number of national papers today.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo, Tuesday 26th March 2013
APRIL - Monday, 8th April 2013
  •   News Clipping: More sightings of mysterious county beast

More sightings of the mysterious Dorset big cat have been reported after a sighting near Dorchester last week.  Lorry driver Kevin Paul Fillary told in the Echo how he saw a ‘large black panther’ on the prowl in a field near Monkey’s Jump roundabout.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo, Monday 8th April 2013

MAY - Tuesday, 30th May 2013
  • News Clippings: Palmers to convert 'Haunted' Angel Inn at Lyme Regis into flats

Palmers Brewery is set to convert the Angel Inn at Lyme Regis into flats.  The Bridport-based brewery will be applying for change of use for the pub in Mill Green, which has been closed since January 2009.

Bridport News, Tuesday 30th May 2013
 JUNE - Thursday, 6th June 2013
  • News Clipping: News Clippings: Dino Jaws! Meet the terrifying 150m-year-old ocean monster that weighed 12 tons (and his name's Kevan)

It's the most fearsome  creature that ever lived and could have devoured a Tyranosaurus-Rex for breakfast… and it is called Kevan. The Pliosaurus kevani, to give it its proper name, ruled the oceans 150million years ago. Equipped with a massive jaw studded with 12in teeth, the ‘sea rex’ had the biggest bite in history.
READ MORE - Source: The Daily Mail, Thursday 6th July 2013

JULY - Monday, 15th July 2013
  • News Clippings: Skull created to mark Games of Thrones screening

Dog walkers, residents and holiday makers had a shock when they awake to a massive dragon’s skull on Charmouth Beach.  With massive teeth and a spine that disappeared into the sand of the Jurassic Coast beach, passersby could be forgiven for thinking they had stepped back in time to the land of the dinosaurs or walked into a fantasy realm.
 READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo, Monday 15th July 2013
AUGUST - Saturday, 10th August 2013

  • News Clipping: Secrets of the Christchurch ducking stool revealed

    Visitors to the replica ducking stool at Christchurch can now find out more about the history of the device with a new plaque installed there thanks to Christchurch Antiquarian Society and Christchurch Council. Members of the Antiquarian Society were carrying out archaeological digs in a garden on the other side of the stream from the ducking stool and were able to hear visitors coming to view the stool asking questions about it.
READ MORE - Source: Blackmore Vale Magazine, Saturday 10th August 2013
SEPTEMBER - Wednesday, 4th September 2013
  • News Clipping: 'Dead bodies and heads on spikes' 

Nowadays you are likely to see bunting hanging in the streets of Dorchester.But during the time of the Bloody Assizes it would have been dead bodies and heads on spikes.Sound gruesome? It was – deliberately so. And it’s left its mark on Dorchester.Because even now, 328 years after the judicial bloodbath, the name ‘Judge Jeffreys’ can still evoke fear and fascination in the heart of Durnovarians and is recognised throughout the world.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo

OCTOBER - Monday, 21st October 2013
  • News Clipping: Is this Dorset’s most diversified haunted house?

Just for starters: a cat, a monkey, two duellists, a barrel maker in the cellars, a Grey Lady, a priest dressed in black – and there are probably lots more, given the age of the house. The place is Athelhampton Hall, near Dorchester.

READ MORE - Source: Western Gazette, Monday, 21st October 2013

NOVEMBER - Saturday , 9th November 2013
  • News Clipping: Fairies, mermaids, angels and witches - enchanting creatures captured in new Russell-Cotes exhibition
Mythical they maybe but that hasn’t dimmed our fascination with fairies, mermaids, angels and witches. Maybe it’s their other-worldliness. Or their supposed magic powers.  But with internationally recognised artworks that feature all manner of make-believe creatures, Bournemouth’s Russell-Cotes Museum has been well-placed to notice our enduring interest in the subject. Now they’ve turned that attraction into a new exhibition.

READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo, Saturday 9th November 2013
DECEMBER - Saturday 7th December 2013
  • News Clipping: Weymouth's revamped museum opened

    Volunteers and councillors were invited to take the first look at the revamped Weymouth Museum.  At an event ahead of the official opening next Wednesday, dozens of people got to take a glimpse at the new facility telling the story of the town’s history.

    READ MORE - Source: Dorset Echo, Saturday 7th December 2013
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